Top 10 Popular Russian Bloggers

The analytical platform MMG Blogger Track has compiled a rating of the popularity of Russian bloggers among teenagers and young people for October 2020. When compiling the rating, experts took into account the number of bloggers’ subscribers aged 14 to 25 years. 

Picture: Latvian News Website

In addition, from the fan base, they excluded those who do not live in Russia and those who are subscribed but do not open a blogger’s page, as well as fake accounts. However, each blogger was added additional fans based on a sociological survey, as sometimes a user actively follows a star but does not follow him.

According to the results of the study, the top 10 in the rating included Yury Dud (1.917 million), Anton Lapenko (1.610 million), Mamix (1,446 million), Syenduk (1.445 million), Vlad A4 (1.434 million), Mr Marmok (1.417 million), Egorik (1.3 million), Nastya Ivleeva (1.249 million), Morgenshtern (1.276 million), and Anton Ptushkin (1.259 million).

Ru-Main, 23.10.2020 

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