Top 5 Applications for Mobile Phone Birthday

Moscow Electronic School (MES) has prepared the top 5 applications for the birthday of a mobile phone, which is celebrated today, on April 3. These apps will allow Russians not to be bored during the self-isolation, the official website of Moscow Mayor reports. 

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

The first one is called Encrypt number and is one of the interactive applications in which users will be able to feel like real scouts, transmitting information using encryption from the programme written in Python. The application Conditional Dialogue-Interrogation is aimed at learning to correctly build a telephone conversation in a foreign language.

Users also have a chance to learn about the evolution of gadgets in the Yesterday and Today app. The Telephone is a famous work of Russian poet Korney Chukovsky, which shows the life of a person whose telephone set is never silent. In the new application, people will have to remember the heroes of this tale. The last app (Harm and Benefit of Gadgets) will tell which operations with gadgets are harmful, and which ones are useful.

Ru-Main, 03.04.2020

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