Top 5 Best Pickled Cucumbers Brands from Russian Quality Experts

The experts from the Federal Quality Control (Roskachestvo) service conducted a study of 49 brands of pickled cucumbers. Specialists evaluated the taste, smell, consistency, filling, and colour of the products, as well as checked the labelling and compliance with national quality standard requirements. 

According to the results of the study, pickled cucumbers of the brands Veres, Globus, Tsar-Ovosch (“Tsar-Vegetable”), Pyaty Seson (“Fifth Season”), and Boyarin received the highest scores. No dangerous molds and bacteria were found in these cucumbers. The concentration of heavy metals also did not exceed hazardous values.

It is noted that the most frequent violations were related to product labelling. For example, manufacturers hide the use of sweeteners or indicate incorrect amounts and the size of cucumbers in the jar.

Ru-Main, 14.09.2020 

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