Top 5 Signs One Should Pay Attention to on Old New Year

Two weeks after the celebration of the New Year, on the night of January 13-14, another New Year is knocking on the doors of Russians again, and its name is Old New Year. 

Old New Year appeared as a result of a change in the calendar. The tradition of celebrating this holiday arose after 1918 when a new chronology was introduced in Russia. In the Old Russian calendar, this day was dedicated to Vasily the Great and was called Vasily’s Day.

On January 13 and 14 people tried to find a special sign, that would help to predict the future. These were especially notable:

  • if the first who entered the house on January 14 was a girl, one should expect troubles;
  • if the day was warm, then the summer would be also good;
  • if there was hoarfrost on trees meant a fruitful year;
  • if there was a blizzard at night, it was believed that the year would be hectic;
  • if one counts small money, he/she will shed tears that day.

This day was considered by Russians as very important from the point of view of its influence over the next year.

Ru-Main, 14.01.2020

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