Top Extraordinary Playgrounds in Moscow

The official portal of the Moscow Mayor published a guide to the most unusual urban spaces where children can not only run and jump but also learn new things about the world around them. 

The ‘Salute’ playground in Gorky Park is the largest game complex in the country. The site was opened in 2018. It combined 9 different spaces for games and creativity. Children can play with sand and water there, find out what sound and colour is, understand the shapes and textures of objects, and much more.

The ‘Oil Refinery’ at VDNKh is the Neftegrad (Oil City) site, located next to the Oil Industry pavilion. The prototype for it was an oil refinery with towers and pipes. Children can learn the full cycle of the oil and gas company there: exploration, production, and processing of raw materials, transportation, and sale.

The ‘Water Experiments’ in the park named after Pryamikov contains an interactive platform where children can conduct amazing experiments, including fiddle with water and sand, and study the laws of physics. It has several stations that operate on the principle of a water pumping column, raising and lowering the lever, you can drive water there. More information can be found on the city mayor’s official website.

Ru-Main, 11.07.2020, Pictures: Moscow Mayor’s Official Website 

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