Top Unusual Moscow Pergolas for Recreation in Parks

In almost any area of ​​Moscow can be found decorative structures made of metal or wooden slats which are called pergolas. In Italy during the Renaissance, pergolas served to support the vine. In Russia, they are located in parks and used for secluded walks, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported. 

The concept of the recreation area, created according to the canons of public art, belongs to the Dutch architect Jerry van Eyck. In the Tyufeleva Grove, an ornate 1.3-kilometre pergola runs through the park and connects a network of pavilions, along with a pedestrian route and drop-shaped benches. According to the architect, the “caterpillar” pergola personifies an industrial conveyor that stretches across the park, and the material of construction, corten steel, over time changes its colour and becomes red, similar to rusty.

The pergola on the city square in Moscow City quite organically blended into the surrounding design. The snow-white “ribbon” bends around the amphitheater and the fountain in a semicircle, imparting dynamism to the business district.

It is noted that the V-shaped pergola on Shelepikhinskaya Embankment will in the future become part of a whole system of landscaped spaces near the Moskva River. On the territory, there can be found art objects, outdoor furniture of unusual shapes, and a small skate park.

The pergola was also installed on the comfortable embankment of the Zapyataya pond in the Obruchevsky district. The canopies in this area both protect from the sun and serve as additional lighting and hedges support.

Sunshades in the Levoberezhny park are quite popular among Muscovites, as they are located on the beach territory. After the improvement, pergolas appeared above the benches and now they help to visually separate sunbathers from those who walk in the park.

Ru-Main, 25.07.2020, Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website 

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