Top War Years Songs Named by Novosibirsk Portal for Victory Day

Top songs of the war years and those written in peacetime were collected by the VN portal. The three leaders became “Victory Day”, “Dark Night”, and “We Need One Victory”. 

The song “Victory Day” (composer David Tukhmanov, lyrics by Vladimir Kharitonov) was recognized as a symbol of the celebrations on Victory Day and is usually performed by Lev Leshchenko.

The song “Dark Night” (composer Nikita Bogoslovsky, lyrics by Vladimir Agatov) was written for the film “Two Soldiers”. The song was usually performed by Mark Bernes and Leonid Utesov.

The song “We Need One Victory” (composer and author of the lyrics Bulat Okudzhava) was written for the feature film by Andrey Smirnov “Belorussian Station”. In the film, the song was performed by Nina Urgant.

Ru-Main, 11.05.2020

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