Trams and Trolleybuses with Manual Climate Control on Samara Streets

Samara public transport was transferred to the winter mode of operation. This was reported by representatives of the city administration.

According to weather forecasts, already on Wednesday night in the regional capital, it will get colder up to -11 ° C, and in places up to -18 ° C, and during the day the air temperature will be -7 degrees. Therefore, heating was turned on in trams, trolleybuses and buses.

According to representatives of the Tram and Trolleybus Department, before the start of winter, they put in order the rolling stock of the enterprise. Specialists insulated the doors, protected the electronics from water and snow, and closed the dampers to let heat enter the cabin.

The driver is responsible for warming the car. But if the passengers are too hot, then he can turn off the heating for a short while. Warm autumn helped to save on electricity to warm the cabin. But now it will not be saved anymore.

Also, special furnaces were installed in the cars. They will be turned on when the thermometer drops below -10 degrees. Bus drivers will also monitor the temperature overboard. As representatives of the SamaraAvtoGaz carrier company explained, at a temperature of -15 ° C to -25 ° C in the cabin should be +10 degrees. And if on-street -40 ° C, then inside should not be lower than +5 ° C.

The buses were transferred to the new fuel. It has less sulfur and paraffin, and therefore it does not freeze at extremely low temperatures. In addition to warming the wagons themselves, there are plans to clear tracks from snow and ice. Together with 18 special snow blowers in the enterprise park, tram rails from precipitation will be removed by Samara public utilities.

Ru-Main, 20.11.2019, Picture: Samara regional Website

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