Trees Covered with “Shaggy Ice” Found in St. Petersburg District [Video]

A rare natural phenomenon is observed by Petersburgers in the Kurortny district on January 10. The branches of the trees were covered with “shaggy ice”. 

Picture: St. Petersburg Regional Website

Citizens noticed trees with the so-called “ice beard” in Beloostrov near the Sestra River. They found an unusual frost in the forest. It crawls out of cracks in the cortex. The townspeople think that it happens due to water that evaporates, and such an unusual fibre is obtained.

“Shaggy ice” is formed during cold and wet nights, when the air temperature is around zero. Scientists have proved that the fungi Exidiopsis effusa are involved in the origin of this phenomenon. They allow the “snowy hairs” to maintain structure and shape, preventing the ice from melting, reports

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Ru-Main, 11.01.2020

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