Trucker Saved Dying Kitten and Came Back for Him to Yekaterinburg [Video]

A trucker from the Saratov region Alexander Ermolaev picked up a downed kitten in August and now arrived in Yekaterinburg to take the pet home. For four months, Lipton cat has turned from a thin dying animal to a well-fed, contented cat. He immediately went to the owner’s hands. 

All these four months Lipton lived in the Animal Rehabilitation Center: at first, he was recovering from the amputation of the hind leg, then he became ill and underwent treatment. Lipton has learned to use one hind paw as two, so he rushes and jumps like a normal healthy cat.

According to Alexander, he did not think for a second to abandon his plans to pick up the cat, on the contrary, he was worried that he could be already given to someone. He arrived in Yekaterinburg with the next flight and now he will go home with Lipton.

Alexander Ermolaev found a kitten with a broken paw on the track in Bashkiria. According to him (in the interview to the local news source), he saw that something fluffy was slipping onto the side of the road. Besides, it was raining, so he stopped to pick the kitten up. In the nearest veterinary clinic he was offered to euthanize the animal, but the man refused. He contacted the Animal Rehabilitation Center and drove to Yekaterinburg for 17 hours to manage to save the cat.

Ru-Main, 09.12.2019

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