Tubing: Highest Slides in Omsk

Today, December 7, in the Omsk Park of the 30th Anniversary of the Komsomol, the winter entertainment complex GorkiPark opens its doors. 

Four slides were built there for residents and visitors of the city: two three-meter, five-meter and six-meter. However, only those who have special tubing will be able to ride with the last two.

Tubing is a ride on an inflatable sledge from a hill usually called doughnuts or buns due to their shape.

As explained in the administration, this is a safety precaution. Sliding down with such a doughnut is safer than with simple plastic ice.

If you do not have your own “doughnut” for riding, you can rent it. Its price is from 250 to 350 rubles per hour, depending on size. There are 50 tubing rentals. The park is open from 11:00 to 22:00.

Ru-Main, 07.12.2019

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