Twelve Thousand Chechen Fighters Expressed Readiness to Defend Russia [Video]

Twelve thousand volunteers from among the fighters of the Armed Forces of Chechnya gathered in the centre of Grozny, ready to take part in any special operation of Russia, the Head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, said. 

“These are volunteers who are ready to go to any special operation at any time to protect our state and our people,” Kadyrov said.

The Minister of National Policy, Foreign Relations, Press and Information of Chechnya, Akhmed Dudayev, said that the Chechen military gathered in Grozny to check the personnel.

“It was a check of personnel, a check of the readiness of personnel to carry out any orders of the Supreme Commander-in-chief, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,” Dudayev stated.

According to Kadyrov, he gathered people to show the readiness of “Chechen fighters” to defend their homeland. Kadyrov added that Russian servicemen are now guarding the borders of the state, and expressed confidence that “in the coming days we will celebrate the liberation of millions of people from violence and murder.”

According to Dudayev, in his speech, Kadyrov also noted that the fighters of the Chechen Republic are taking part in the ongoing special operation in Ukraine and will be present in the hottest spots in Ukraine.

In turn, Ukrainian soldiers replied to the Chechen fighters that they are not afraid of them, adding that Chechens are nobody.

“Don’t be afraid of these Chechens! These are jackals! Just bearded. They are nobody. We’ll shave them!” one of the Ukrainian militaries said.

This statement was considered by the users of Telegram quite sharp, so people started to “worry” about the guy’s future fate.

Ru-Main, 25.02.2022 
Source: RBC 

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