Ukraine Accused Henry Kissinger of Fighting Information War on Russia’s Side

Former Secretary of State and National Security adviser to the US President, Henry Kissinger, got into the database of the scandalous Ukrainian resource Myrotvorets (“Peacemaker”) for allegedly “participating in Russia’s information special operation against Ukraine.” 

Among the reasons indicated is the spread of “propaganda, blackmail and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” The authors of the website ask the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine to consider the entry into the lists as a statement about the commission of “conscious acts against national security” by a person.

Picture: Myrotvorets screenshot
1. "Participation in the information special operation of Russia (the aggressor and terrorist country) against Ukraine. 

2. The spread of narratives of Russian-fascist propaganda and blackmail — nuclear war, global decline, famine, migration shock, China's offensive, etc. in exchange for the truncation of Ukrainian territory (minimum – as of 24.2.2022, maximum – without Donetsk, Lugansk and the whole south, including Odessa). 

3. An accomplice of the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens."

This happened because on May 24, 2022, Kissinger said at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the settlement process in Ukraine should be launched in the next two months in order to avoid more severe consequences for international relations in Europe.

Myrotvorets backs its stance with a screenshot of an article with the Kissinger’s statement.

Picture: InoSMI

The source article, that refers to The Telegraph, says that the former US Secretary of State warns the West against attempts to defeat Russia. According to Kissinger in the abovementioned article, it is necessary to force Ukraine to negotiate on Russia’s terms in the near future.

The politician assures that “the ideal would be to return the dividing line to the status quo.” Achieving the neutral status of Ukraine and its establishment as a bridge between Russia and Europe is the main goal in the current situation around the country, the politician noted.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, criticized Kissinger’s words, saying that the Secretary of State “has not 2022 on the calendar, but 1938.” And the adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, Mikhail Podolyak, complained that the proposals of some Western partners to make territorial concessions are a stab in the back for Kiev.

Ru-Main, 27.05.2022
Source: TASS 

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