Ukraine Collecting Bloody Harvest – ‘Real Patriot’ to Be Convicted for Inciting Hatred Towards Russians

“We are peaceful people, we do not have Nazis here,” said Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky. And then, a video was widely spread in social media that shows a woman representing Ukraine and playing a role of an executor of a Russian soldier, “reaping a bloody harvest.” The video is an absolute example of inciting hatred and a call to violence, so both, the actress and the scriptwriter have a chance to be put in prison for it.  

The video shows a woman in traditional dress and wreath of flowers, wielding a sickle, which she later uses to cut the throat of a man kneeling in front of her who is wearing a prison uniform and is most probably meant to represent a Russian soldier.

The actress says a monologue in Ukrainian complaining about the Russians who allegedly “oppressed and killed Ukrainians for centuries,” mocked their language and created a mocking image “with a forelock, lard, and dumplings.” She calls Russians “pigs” and promises them death.

“You will all be killed!” she says, adding that Russian corpses will “rot in fields” and “be eaten by dogs and wild animals” and “you sons of bitches will never return home.”

The woman, later identified as Ukrainian actress Adrianna Kurilets, then kicks the man to the floor who is bleeding from his neck before stating, “Welcome to hell!”

Complaints went beyond reality – truth turned upside down, but doesn’t matter if only helps to blame Russians

Perhaps if you want to convince the world of the need to “support Ukraine”, don’t do so by literally copycatting ISIS propaganda videos. Now it will be more difficult to Ukraine to play a card of a defenseless, poor nation suffering from “Russian aggression”, as now it’s quite clear Ukraine has enough of aggression itself. But wait, maybe the situation doesn’t change, as whatever Ukraine does, it’s always supported by the West while it can be at least somehow useful to the EU and US interests.

Interestingly, those complaints in the video has quite a shaky ground. Vareniki and lard (salo) are food products that actually belong to the Ukrainian cuisine, so it can be taken for a mockery equally to Russian shchi soup and vodka. Certainly, if you want to take offense of being called a person who eats your national food, nobody can prevent this.

Also, the notion “Malorossiya” that is taken with such an offense by the girl on the video is actually just a historic name of the early XIV century for the lands of Western Russia in church administrative practice. According to the scheme of the Ukrainian historian, Mikhail Grushevsky, Malaya Rus (“Little Russia”) is the Galician—Volyn Principality, and with its death, the entry of its lands into Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, this name “went out of use”. And who is guilty of the fact that Ukraine was a part of this territory with this exactly name then?

Finally, the girl in the video complains about some Russians who allegedly were drinking and torturing poor Ukrainians in the old times. Well, well, well… Let’s see then who is the national hero of Ukraine – Cossack Mamay – one of the most popular images of the Cossack-knight in Ukraine of the XVII–XIX centuries, a kind of ideal of the “Ukrainian dream” of that era.

And then let’s check what he is famous for:

As noted Yulia Vityazeva, in the picture of Cossack Mamay of unknown author (XIX century), the main character is depicted in the foreground, while in the background his “friends” are killing two Jews-pawnbrokers in the forest: one is being hung by his heels on a tree, while another one is being brought in by his beard.

The second Jew captured in the forest says to Mamay, “Mercy, pan Mamay, I don’t have a penny of money”, to which the main character answers that “I need none of your money, for those like you, the only salvation is heaven!” So how can a nation that has this kind of dream-image complain about “cruel Russians” allegedly torturing people while drunk. It only comes to mind, the girl confused the ones who torture others.

Best role in life: Ukrainian actress is building career by any means

Adrianna Kurilets-Kmetyuk graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv National University and worked at the National Academic Drama Theater of Maria Zankovetska Estate in Lviv. In social networks, she signed up as a theater and film actress, a teacher of acting and stage language.

Interestingly, the actress used to play in Russian TV series, in third roles, 360tv reports. For example, in 2017, she starred in the TV series “Doctor on Duty”, where she played a girl Natasha, who worries about a young man.

Калька на террористов. Украинке из ролика с «казнью» россиянина предрекли уголовку | Изображение 1
Picture: Adrianna Kurilets in a TV series fragment

However, it is not so easy to find out about other theatrical and cinematic experiences of the Kurilets, as her biography is quite poor with large works, so even in the acting troupes of Ukrainian theaters she does not appear.

How will the world community react now – condemn violence or play along?

In the meantime, many have noticed an alarming similarity between this “social advertising” and the videos of the executions of prisoners, which were recorded and distributed by terrorist fighters from ISIS.

It’s even more alarming after real videos of Ukrainians executing Russian soldiers appeared in the network. Thus, Ukraine shows it approves violence and murder.

“This is a tracing paper. The people who made this video carefully studied the legacy of their predecessors, picked up the style — if ISIS had a black banner and inscriptions in Arabic, then here is an embroidery, a wreath. This is stylization, but the content and meaning remain the same,” the Director of the Center for Applied Sociology and Political Science, Gennady Podlesny, stressed.

The video is not an amateur performance of the Lviv creative class, noted journalist Yulia Vityazeva. The main sponsor of the video was the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America and the Ukrainian Diaspora of New Jersey, she said in her Telegram channel.

Real responsibility for inciting hatred will follow with no doubt, experts assure

If someone follows the call from the video, the main character will have to answer as an accomplice to the crime. The lawyer, Maria Yarmush, explained that this video contains an open call for the murder of Russians.

“This is extremism, incitement to hatred and enmity — there are several compositions, including incitement to murder on national grounds. Therefore, if something happens to Russian citizens now, we can assume that this actress instigated and, at least, is an accomplice,” Yarmush said.

The appeal to commit illegal actions is distributed via the Internet. According to the lawyer, the authors and participants of the video should be criminally liable. In turn, Gennady Podlesny added that with this video the authors want to achieve hatred of Ukrainians towards Russians, as well as intimidate servicemen and their parents.

The video is currently the subject of a criminal probe by Russia’s Investigative Committee.

Ru-Main, 12.04.2022 
Source: Summit News 

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