Ukraine Launched HIMARS Missiles at Donetsk City Administration

In the morning, at about 8 am on October 16, 2022, Ukrainian military formations shelled the center of Donetsk, the DPR, hitting the parking lot next to the city administration. 

Picture: Novorossiya Reports

Eyewitnesses report that windows were knocked out in the administration building itself, the ceiling collapsed, several cars burned down nearby. Earlier, the building was repeatedly shelled, but without serious consequences. Fortunately, there was almost no one inside of it and there were no fatalities.

As reported, the number of victims reached 4, as it was a day off and the building was almost empty, with only retired watchmen inside. As a result of the shelling, two men were injured — one of them is 59 years old, and the second is 38. Both of them worked in the dispatch service. The men were shell-shocked, according to the mayor of the city Alexey Kulemzin.

Earlier, it became known about the injured young woman (1994) — an employee of the administration, who got a concussion. A woman who was traveling in a minibus was also injured.

The morning shelling of Donetsk was carried out by Ukrainian militants from the American HIMARS installation. In total, the Kiev regime fired at least 10 shells, as the representative office of the DPR People’s Militia in the JCCC reported. In particular, Kuibyshevsky, Voroshilovsky, and Kirovsky districts of the DPR capital were under attack.

So, the enemy fired from their positions located in the western direction from Donetsk. One missile was shot down by the DPR air defense forces but, unfortunately, the second one reached its goal – the administration of the city.

Here you can find more information about the recorded damage:

  • Artyoma St., 98: the basement of the ground floor of the Donetsk city administration building was hit, 4 cars were also destroyed, 4 more were damaged;
  • Universitetskaya St., 56: apartment building, pharmacy “First Aid”, shopping facilities;
  • Universitetskaya St., 63: apartment building, store “Verona”, shopping facilities;
  • Universitetskaya St., 52: apartment building;
  • Mira Ave., 6: apartment building;
  • Mira Ave., 6a: shopping center “Antey”;
  • Mira Ave., 11a: shopping pavilions.

Ru-Main, 17.10.2022
Source: ‘Novorossiya Reports‘ Telegram-Channel  

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