Ukraine to Get Only 15% Out of $40 Billion American Aid, Russian Official Assured

The US and the EU are not going to really help Ukraine, that is why out of the $40 billion that Washington intends to allocate to the country, only 15 per cent remains for Ukrainians, the Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, said in his Telegram channel. 

Volodin recalled that a few days ago, Joe Biden signed a law on the allocation of more than 40 billion to Ukraine. At the same time, 35 per cent of this amount will go to finance the US armed forces.

According to the Russian official, 45.2 per cent is also planned to be spent not on Ukraine, but on “other countries”. Another 4.8 per cent is provided for assistance to refugees, the reopening of the US Embassy in Ukraine, and other diplomatic support.

“Out of $40 billion, only 15 per cent of the allocated amount remains directly to Ukraine,” the speaker stated. “But Ukrainians will have to pay the full debt – all $40 billion.”

Volodin expressed confidence that Washington and Brussels are not going to really help Ukraine to solve its problems in the economy and social sphere.

“They need it to fight to the last Ukrainian against our country,” he stressed.

The Chairman of the State Duma also recalled the discussion in the US that Kiev will not be able to independently service the national debt in the future. That is why the last resources are being taken from Ukraine, as is happening today.

Earlier, Bloomberg, referring to the analysis of the Moody’s international rating agency, saying that due to the help of Western countries, Ukraine will not be able to service its public debt in the future.

“That’s because the West’s help is exclusively in debt,” the newspaper wrote.

It is noted that this allows Kiev to mitigate immediate risks, but in the future such assistance will lead to a significant increase in public debt. Therefore, Moody’s downgraded Ukraine’s rating from “Caa2” to “Caa3” with a negative outlook.

Ru-Main, 24.05.2022
Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta 

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