Ukraine’s Defence Minister Denied Statements on Alleged Russian Preparation for Attack

As of the moment, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have not created a single strike group that would indicate the preparation of an offensive against Ukraine, as stated by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov. 

Picture: RIA Novosti

Amidst constant almost everyday accusations of the possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine spread by the Western world, the Ukrainian defence chief states there is no threat from the Russian side.

“Today, as of this moment, not a single strike grouping has been created by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which would indicate that tomorrow they will go on the offensive,” Reznikov said on the air of the Svoboda Slova programme on ICTV on January 24.

He stressed that “there are risky scenarios, they are possible in terms of probability in the future.” Moreover, the Minister noted that he “does not rate highly” the scenario of a possible Russian offensive into Ukraine on February 20, as warned by the commander of the Joint Forces Operation Alexander Pavlyuk.

In turn, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has said that a huge buildup of Ukrainian forces on the Donbass line of contact indicates Kiev is preparing for an attack.

“Indeed, the Ukrainian authorities are concentrating a huge amount of forces and equipment on the border with the self-proclaimed republics on the line of contact. Indeed, the nature of this concentration points to preparations for offensive operations, and, indeed, there is such a threat now,” Peskov said on Monday, January 24.

Ru-Main, 25.01.2022
Source: Interfax 

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