Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry Requested President Break Off Diplomatic Ties With Russia 

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that he had received a request from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to sever diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.


“I received a request from the Foreign Ministry to break off diplomatic relations with Russia […]. I will consider and work it out,” he said.

Earlier, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Serhiy Kislitsa, when asked about the possibility of breaking off diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation, said that the decision should not be “emotional and dramatic.” The government of Ukraine, he said, will take “conscious decisions.”

Besides, Kiev will not consider the request of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics for the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the territories controlled by the Ukrainian authorities in the Donbass, which was also stated by Zelensky, RBC reports.

“Who asked? We don’t communicate with them. We don’t understand who they are [representatives of the DPR and LPR],” Zelensky said.

So, no communication and not even taking the LPR and DPR representatives still seems “diplomatic, peaceful” way of conflict settlement for the West? And Russia’s constant request for dialogue and talks is taken for “aggression”. When the world community will finally see what is white and what is black? Latest accusations of Russia’s alleged “violation of Minsk agreements” due to its helping hand given to Donbass are heard louder than accusations of Kiev’s military actions and once again outspoken lack of desire to negotiate.

Ru-Main, 22.02.2022
Source: TASS 

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