Ukraine’s Nationalist Website Endangers Hundreds of People With Impunity – Stop It!

On September 6, 2022, a conference of the Foundation to Battle Injustice (FBI) will be held on the platform of the Rossiya Segodnya informational agency. The participants of the event will discuss the “information gestapo”in Ukraine, as they call Ukraine’s nationalist website containing the list of all those who speak against the country’s government. The list is actively used to suppress freedom of speech. 

According to the organizers of the event, the Ukrainian nationalist website “Myrotvorets” allows posting personal information about hundreds of Russian and dozens of foreign journalists and bloggers. Revealing their personal information, the website endangers the lives of all included in its list. As a result, people face constant threats of physical violence, and are harassed in public space and social networks.

The site’s activities jeopardize the safety of journalists and create a danger for spreading the truth about the events that are taking place in Russia, Ukraine, and the whole world, as organizers of the event warn. The FBI emphasizes that the recent brutal murder of Russian journalist and political scientist, Daria Dugina, occurred 1.5 months after the publication of her personal data on the notorious website.

Picture: Daria’s page on Myrotvorets

The FBI conference on September 6 is planned to be attended by speakers whose personal data were published on the website. Among them are Janus Putkonen, director and chief editor of the largest alternative media in Finland called “UMV-Lehti”, the victim of persecution by the German authorities, journalist Alina Lipp, American investigative journalist exposing the fakes of the West George Elison, correspondent of the popular Iranian English-language TV channel Press TV from the UK John Miller, an American who has been involved in the defense of Donetsk since December 2014 Russell Bentley and many other journalists who got into the list of the website.

Picture: Conference participants

The participants will share their own experience of being in the list that endanger their lives and tell how the revelation of their personal data influenced the whole process of their work. Also, the conference will open a discussion on how to prevent the website from violating human rights and what can be done to stop such an arbitrariness.

Ru-Main, 01.09.2022
Source: Mira Terada’s Telegram Channel 

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