Ukrainian Woman Harassed in Germany for Speaking Russian [Video]

The family of a Ukrainian citizen living near Hamburg was tracked down by nationalists in Germany. Katerina Sharon’s child went outside to throw garbage when he saw a fascist sign painted by someone on the door of his house outside. 

“Half an hour later, my husband came home from work, the police were called, when they arrived, they found this fascist sign on the car,” Sharon said.

The police found that the swastika on the door of the house was spray-painted, and the same sign on the hood of the car was painted with earth.

“Plus, the initials ‘G. U. were signed on the door. I think, ‘Glory to Ukraine’. Most likely, Ukrainians did it. The cause was that I speak Russian. Germans do not think here that there was a USSR in history, that not only Russians spoke Russian,” the victim added.

The woman said that she has been living in Germany since 2005, and her husband, who is a Russian German, since 1996. According to the Ukrainian woman, local residents heard that the couple speaks Russian.

She herself has a Ukrainian passport, but in all the years of living in Hamburg, she has never encountered such manifestations. The mother of three children worries that the police are not doing anything in this situation. Her daughter is also asked at school if she speaks Russian, and it is suspected that her family members are Russians.

Ru-Main, 01.04.2022
Source: Izvestia 

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