UN Recognized Moscow Megacity With Best Life Quality

The UN has recognized Moscow as the best megacity in the world in terms of “infrastructure development” and “quality of life”, according to preliminary data from the organization’s “Urban Prosperity Index” rating published as part of the UN-Habitat programme.  

Picture: Moscow Mayor’s Official Website

As follows from the document, Moscow ranks first in terms of infrastructure development with a score of 83.2, while London has 75.9, and Paris has 76.3. Also, the Russian capital leads in terms of quality of life: 68.3 points against 61.59 in London and 57.16 in Paris.

In general, in the global ranking, Moscow is in third place out of 29 megacities in the world, with Singapore being in the lead and Toronto (Canada) taking the second place. The parameters “equality and integration into society”, “economic productivity”, “environmental sustainability”, and “urban governance and legislation” were also taken into account by the rating compilers.

Ru-Main, 03.02.2022
Source: RIA Novosti 

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