Unique Treasure was Discovered in Old Chest in Novosibirsk Region

The ancient treasure was found in one of the old houses in Ordynskoye, Novosibirsk Region. In the old chest were stored more than 20 rare exhibits, reports VN.RU. The man transferred it to the Fund of Ordynskoye Museum of History and Art.  

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

A local resident bought an old house for demolition in Ordynskoye village, Novosibirsk region. There he found an old chest with photographs in wooden frames, a set of carpentry tools with a dozen chisels, and elements of carved overhead decorations. The find was transported to the museum.

“Chest since 1952, photographs date from the 30th decade of the last century – this is a good replenishment of our fund,” said Alla Lango, head of the Ordynskoye Museum of History and Art.

The museum staff hopes to find relatives of people who are shown in the pictures, or those who could clarify something. They also asked residents of the district not to throw away old and unnecessary household items and photographs but to transfer them to the museum fund.

Ru-Main, 07.01.2020

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