Unique Vehicles Created in Omsk Village [Video]

Engineer Viktor Grishaev from the village of Baikal, 46 kilometres from Omsk, creates unusual vehicles, agricultural machinery, and snowblowers. The village is small, only 20 people live there. There is only one shop where bread is brought twice a week and the only connection with the rest of the world is the bus which arrives there once a day, om1 reports.  

The main attraction of the village is Victor’s house. A man is a mechanic for instrumentation and automation. He studied at a technical school, then for 10 years he worked at a television factory where he served machine tools. Now he spends most of his time at home, inventing and housekeeping.

“He is constantly digging, doing something in summer and winter. Golden hands. Anyone who happens to come here. “Vitya, do it!” Yesterday he went to the store for bread. I look, he is carrying a radio. One old man gave it to be fixed. He’ll make it all for free. Doesn’t take money for his work,” Victor’s mother, Maria Grishaeva, said.

Viktor was a radio amateur already at school. Later, he invented and assembled the intercom himself, when they had not yet been installed anywhere in Omsk. With its help, Victor could communicate with his mother when he was in his workshop.

The last invention of Viktor is robots. One talks, the other shines with eyes-bulbs. Victor created them for the regional exhibition. In the summer, they delighted the village children and later turned into domestic helpers, as they can hold the phone or radio while the owner works in the garden. More information about the craftsman’s inventions can be found on the Omsk regional website.

Ru-Main, 03.03.2021, Picture: Omsk Regional Website 

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