Universal Natural Antibiotic Discovered in Russia

The researchers from Tyumen State University, together with representatives of a number of other Russian research institutes, have discovered a natural antibiotic with a universal effect. Among other things, it will help fight tumor formations, according to the article in the Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology journal.  

It is noted that the peptide emericillipsin A was isolated from the alkalophilic mycelial fungus Emericellopsis alkalina. The authors of the study argue that this substance inhibits bacterial resistance to antibiotics, depriving microorganisms of the ability to form protective films or destroying cell membranes. This peptide, as shown by the research results, is effective against MDR and XDR forms of bacteria, as well as pathogenic eukaryotes, including mycelial fungi and yeast.

Ru-Main, 23.09.2020 

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