Unusual Car Service in Chelyabinsk: Deaf Workers Identify Problems Tactilely

All the masters in the Chelyabinsk car service are deaf and dumb. The locksmiths cannot hear the noise and the engine sound, but assure that they use some sort of sixth sense. The employees communicate with clients via SMS and say that action speak louder than words, chelTV reports.  

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

“I have been interested in cars since childhood. I read literature, watched video reviews. I was fond of racing cars for a long time, about how to modify them so that they could accelerate faster, how to fix them after an accident,” the chief mechanic of the service, Sergey Unter, said.

According to the owner of the garage, Lyubov Mikhailova, the service workers have good eyesight and a special tactile sensitivity instead of hearing. Sometimes, the master just puts his hand on the front panel and it is already clear to him by vibration, is the motor operational or not.

Ru-Main, 22.05.2020

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