Upgraded Moskvich to Be Sold in Omsk

A Moskvich-400 car is currently on sale in Omsk, Om1 repots. The owner of the transport has improved the car since 26 horsepower is not enough for driving in the modern world. Now, the car costs 870 thousand rubles.  

It is noted that the welding work took about two months. New fenders and a radiator grill were made. Thanks to new details, the car looks more luxurious. The debugging took a year and a half away from the owner. The assembly continued for several more years.

The Soviet car had completely replaced the suspension elements, rear axle, and brakes. The new engine and gearbox were borrowed from the VAZ-2103. In addition, it is emphasized that in the car, you can feel like on an airplane since the seats are taken from the TU-154 airplane.

Ru-Main, 22.05.2021, Pictures: Omsk Regional Website 

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