Ural Christmas Tree Toys to Be Sold for 250,000 Rubles

A collection of Soviet Christmas tree decorations was put up for sale in the Urals. The cost of the toys can now reach hundreds of thousands of rubles, chelTV reports. This was found out when a resident of Chelyabinsk put up for sale a collection for 250 thousand on the ad website.  

Елочные игрушки СССР: на Урале продают новогодние украшения за 250 тыс. рублей
Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

There are several dozen ornaments for sale, including a tiny one. It is noted that such mini-kits began to be produced in the late 50s of the last century. Production did not stop during the Great Patriotic War, and then tanks, weapons, and figures of soldiers appeared.

The beginning of the 1960s was the heyday of Christmas tree cosmonauts and rockets. Expensive toys include those from the collections of “Pushkin’s Tales” and “Chipollino”. The cost of such a set can reach 600,000 rubles. All the rest of the toys on the website of ads in Chelyabinsk can be found for 300 rubles-5,000 rubles or even more.

Ru-Main, 26.10.2020, Picture: Izvestia Website  

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