Urals Primary School Students Receive Free Breakfasts

Since the beginning of the academic year, junior schoolchildren throughout the Chelyabinsk region have been fed free breakfasts, which are called brunch in the European manner. This decision was made by the governor of the Chelyabinsk region Aleksey Teksler, chelTV reports.  

The change of chefs usually starts at 5 am, and already at 9.30 am, hot dishes, pastries, and a compote should be ready for schoolchildren. The menu is updated every 10 days, and the streams of children change every 10 minutes. It is specified that almost 1,000 students need to be fed in almost every school cafeteria every day.

It is noted that the federal, regional, and municipal budgets spend about 60 rubles a day for one child. All in all, there are 180,000 primary school students, and the amount of daily rations for the region increases to 10 million. So, according to the final calculations, to feed primary school students this year, the budget will need almost 800 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 06.09.2020 

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