Singer Vera Brezhneva Launched Own Cosmetic Brand “Vera”

Russian singer Vera Brezhneva takes the first step – she decided to release her own collection of makeup under the brand with the name Vera, and with the motto: “Vera. Everyone needs it.” 

Picture: Glamour Fashion Magazine

The collection contains 26 products: lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, eye shadow palettes. All-natural basic shades – Vera wanted to offer a universal palette with which you can create a natural look. The products are soft and easy to shade.

“I’m not just the brand’s face, I’m its creator”, emphasized singer.

The ingredients are brought in from Europe and Asia, and the packaging is partially made from recycled plastic, aluminium and biodegradable cardboard. In palettes for face and eyeshadows – a removable mirror of a convenient size. VERA cosmetics by Vera Brezhneva was not tested on animals.

The start of sales has started from November 28, and since November 30, the collection is available offline.

Ru-Main, 03.12.2019

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