Veterinarians Named Muscovites’ Favourite Birds

Moscow veterinarians-ornithologists conduct more than 400 consultations a year. On the occasion of International Bird Day, which was traditionally celebrated on April 1, experts told what kind of birds the inhabitants of the Russian capital prefer to have, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  

The chairman of the Moscow Veterinary Committee, Alexey Sautkin, noted that ornithologists help to establish the cause of the poor health of a pet and advise on issues related to the peculiarities of feeding and keeping birds. The specialist said that most often Muscovites buy wavy parrots and zebra finches. He advised the owners of a finch to remember that the bird definitely needs a couple.

“It is important to monitor the quality of plumage of your parrot. If you begin to notice that feathers have begun to fall out or their colour has faded, it is better to immediately contact your veterinarian. This can indicate both a lack of vitamins and more serious diseases,” the ornithologist, Anna Kubatina, emphasized.

Experts recommended that before buying a bird, it is necessary to find a spacious dark place in the house where its cage will be located. It is necessary to place a feeder, a little bath, perches, and a mirror in it so that a parrot does not feel lonely and quickly learns to “speak”. Birdwatching veterinarians advise feeding the birds clean food, adding fruits and vegetables to their diet, and hanging a cuttlefish shell or other source of calcium in the cage, for a bird to grind its beak.

Ru-Main, 02.04.2021 

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