Victory Day: Moscow Celebrations of Greatest Holiday in Russia [Video]

Yesterday, on May 9, Russians celebrated Victory Day which is the greatest holiday for the country residents. On that day, in Moscow, a solemn parade took place, TASS reports. President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, addressed the parade spectators from the rostrum. 

The president congratulated Russians on Victory Day, and stressed that this day is “a victory of colossal, historic significance for the fate of the whole world, a holiday that was, is, and will be sacred for Russia and its people”.

“It [this holiday] is ours by right of kinship with those who defeated, broke, crushed Nazism, ours by right of heirs to the generation of victors, a generation that we honour and are proud of,” the president said.

“We bow before your courage and fortitude, thank you for an immortal example of solidarity and love for your homeland, you proved that only together it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible – defeated a merciless enemy, defended your home, children, native country, defeated Nazism unconditional victory and glorified in the centuries the 9th of May, 1945,” Putin addressed the veterans.

“We will always remember that it was Soviet people who performed this magnificent feat, in the most difficult time of the war, in the decisive battles that determined the outcome of the struggle against fascism, our people were one on one on the arduous, heroic and sacrificial path to victory, fought to the death in all frontiers, in the fiercest battles on land, in the sea, in the sky,” the president concluded.

During the main parade in Moscow, 37 parade crews marched along the paving stones of Red Square. The mechanized convoy hosted over 190 units of military and special equipment. The Victory Parade also included 23 helicopters and 53 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Traditionally, T-34 tanks, which are considered one of the main symbols of Victory, opened the parade.

The group of light wheeled vehicles took part in the parade showing the Typhoon-VDV wheeled armoured vehicles with increased security, as well as the Typhoon-Air Defence anti-aircraft gunners, which are being demonstrated for the first time. The group of modern heavy armoured vehicles included the latest T-72B3M, T-80BVM, T-90M Proryv, as well as T-14 Armata tanks.

The air defence column included a full range of anti-aircraft systems, from the Pantsir-S missile and cannon systems and the Tor-M2 and Buk-M3 missile systems to the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

Then, the latest Su-57 fighters in a group of four aircraft started their part.

At the end of the parade, the sky over the city in the colours of the Russian flag was painted by six Su-25 attack aircraft.

Ru-Main, 10.05.2021, Pictures: TASS, Sputnik  

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