Victory Train Has Arrived in Omsk

On August 9, the ‘Victory Train’ mobile museum arrived at the Omsk railway station. In eight carriages of the train, expositions on the theme of the Great Patriotic War reflecting different periods of the 40s are presented, om1 reports.  

It is noted that all the tickets for the expositions in Omsk were sold immediately, in only one day. However, visitors say that those who wish could find a way out and try to buy some tickets on the very spot if a group has not gathered or people have made a return of tickets. It is also specified that it will take no more than half an hour to fully pass the museum. At the entrance, visitors are given masks and headphones with an audio guide.

The first exposition is dedicated to peacetime. Here you can see the calm life of Soviet citizens who are not yet aware of the imminent start of the war.

The way to the next carriage is accompanied by the roar of German bombers and exploding shells.

The first obstacle that the Nazis met was the Brest Fortress, so the authors depicted the soldiers who stood up to defend its walls.

In the next site, there are the anxious and frightened faces of young people going to war.

It is stressed that sound design plays an important role in the exhibition. For example, when passing through a trench, the sounds of shots and bullets whistling overhead can be heard, and in the Concentration Camp carriage, dogs barking and moans and cough are heard from everywhere.

The details of wartime are especially important and surprisingly well preserved.

The look of a person who has been at war for several years:

And this is how those who survived four terrible years look now, when they are returning home:

Ru-Main, 11.08.2021, Pictures: Om1  

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