Viktor Tsoi Monument Appeared in St. Petersburg [Video]

A monument to the leader of the Kino music group, Viktor Tsoi, has appeared in the St. Petersburg park. The monument is made of bronze by Matvey Makushkin after a photograph by Yuri Chashkin, the VK-Group of the special fund for the memory of the musician reports. 

Picture: Fund’s VK-Community Page

As specified in the fund “In memory of Viktor Tsoi”, which initiated the installation of the monument, its appearance was the execution of the last will of Valentina Tsoi, the musician’s mother. The date of the official opening of the monument is expected to be announced on the evening of 17 August. On the monument, there are lines from the band’s song “Blood Type”:

“Have something to pay,

But I do not want

Victory at any cost”.

The installation of the monument is timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the death of the musician. It is specified that the monument is already installed and everyone can visit it even before the official opening.

The musician’s songs are still popular for already many years among all Russians. Country residents sing them in various concerts and especially in a close friends circle. Another well-known song of the artist is “Kukushka” (“Cuckoo”).

Ru-Main, 15.08.2020 

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