Virtual Reality Drawing Studio in Moscow [Video]

VR Art Studio invites you to create your picture in Virtual Reality. Drawing experience is not required.

VR technology will transfer to three-dimensional space, animated brushes and effects allow you to draw volumetric objects and entire worlds. The finished VR picture can be saved and taken as a photo or video.

Drawing in Virtual Reality visitors get the opportunity to master the new direction in the world of art – VR drawing and modelling. The cardinal difference from all the styles and tools of drawing that existed to this day is the complete immersion of the artist using VR technologies in the picture to interact with it – you can draw in space.  

With a wave of your hand, you leave a stroke right in front of your eyes, you can go around it and see it floating in the air. Animated brushes imitate various effects: fire, water, lightning, neon rays, twinkling stars, etc. Static brushes mimic the strokes of familiar tools: markers, oil paints, inks, etc.

One can attend a session any day. Duration of the drawing session is 2 academic hours (90 minutes). Cost – from 800 rubles. Selection and booking of sessions are on the site. The maximum number of participants is 8 people. Before the session, a briefing is given. The age limit is 8+.

Ru-Main, 02.12.2019

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