Vladimir Putin Сongratulated Russians on Heroes of Fatherland Day

The character of the people of Russia at all times helped to resist with honour all those who encroached on the land of the country, according to the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a video message on the occasion of the Heroes of Fatherland Day.  

Picture: Moscow Mayor’s Official Website

“This holiday is inextricably linked with the history of the country. It marks the exploits of both our ancestors and our contemporaries – all those who, by their deeds and lives, have shown an example of genuine service to the Fatherland,” Putin stressed.

The President also noted that “no matter how cruel, merciless the threat is, the defenders of the Fatherland, soldiers, officers have always shown exceptional courage.”

“The heroism of these truly great citizens of the Fatherland, their valour and courage reflect the will and character of our people. At all times and epochs, this character has helped and is helping to withstand the most difficult trials, strengthen the independence of our state, and resist with honour anyone who tried to encroach on our land,” the President said.

Separately the head of the state drew attention to the importance of the work of doctors.

“We are proud of those who have multiplied and are multiplying the strength and power of the country with their asceticism, selflessly, regardless of the risk, save others. Special words to medical workers, representatives of many other professions, to everyone who now, in our days, worthily continues the great traditions of courage, loyalty, duty and selflessness,” Putin said.

The President is convinced that respect for the exploits of the heroes of the Fatherland in Russia will always strengthen the unity of the country making closer people of different nationalities, faiths, and views.

“We bow to those who 80 years ago, in December 1941, stopped and defeated the enemy at the walls of Moscow. We bow down to all those who brought the great Victory closer, not sparing themselves, their lives, defended our Fatherland. Each of them is a hero,” Putin concluded.

As specified, the holiday is celebrated in Russia annually on December 9. On this day, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, holders of the Orders of Glory and St. George are honoured. The date is timed to coincide with the holiday of the Russian Empire – the Day of the St. George Cavaliers, which was celebrated from 1769 to 1917, Sputnik reports.

In fact, the holiday is celebrated by everyone who is somehow connected with the military service, regardless of whether they are currently in the ranks of the Armed Forces, as well as their friends and relatives. During the holiday, the St. George’s Hall of the Moscow Kremlin hosts ceremonial receptions with the participation of prominent people of Russia, which are attended by representatives of the highest echelons of the federal government, regional leaders, representatives of official confessions and public associations.

It is noted that the full list of Russian citizens submitted for the title is never made public, as many of them perform secret work related to the defence and security of the country. However, on the solemn occasion, festive concerts are held in Russian cities on this day, as well as meetings of residents with veterans and Heroes of the USSR and Russia are organized.

Ru-Main, 09.12.2021 
Source: TASS 

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