Vladimir Putin Ordered to Raise All Salaries From February 2021

From February 1, 2021, the incomes of working Russians will increase according to the order given by the country’s President Vladimir Putin, RuEconomics reports. 

It is noted that since now the increase in wages is legally enshrined in amendments to the Constitution of Russia, so the refusal of such increase will be considered a violation of labour legislation.

Thus, in 2021, the salaries of Russians should increase by 4.9 per cent. At the same time, enterprises have the right to independently decide which payments will be increased, only a salary itself or also bonuses and other types of incentives.

In addition, employers will have to revise the salaries of employees whose incomes are lower than the updated minimum wage, because from this year the method for calculating the minimum wage will be formed not on the basis of the consumer basket, but depending on the data on the median salary in the region.

Ru-Main, 30.01.2021 

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