Vladimir Putin: Russia Knows About US Achievements on Hypersonic Weapons Even Though Nobody Talks About It

Russia knows that the US is somewhat ahead of China in the development of hypersonic weapons, although “nobody makes a fuss about it,” as stated by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, at the “Russia Calling!” investment forum.  

“We do know that our American partners are slightly ahead in the development of hypersonic weapons after all. They simply don’t talk about it and nobody is making a fuss about it. Just like nobody made a fuss when they tested their anti-satellite weapon 10 years ago, which they have now. When Russia carried out such test just recently – then it was a fuss around the world,” the President stressed.

He added that Russia considers it important to engage in a dialogue on strategic stability with the US and China. Putin noted that there is now an escalating standoff between the West and China and the establishment of the AUKUS partnership is an example of destabilizing actions of the Western countries.

“The fact remains that this rivalry is mounting, and at times it’s repulsive […]. An example is the establishment of the AUKUS pact, which includes the US, the UK and Australia. When one sets up a closed alliance against someone, it does not help to improve the situation in the region, it escalates tensions,” the President said.

Perhaps, this statement came after the accusations from the West side claiming that Russia is actively developing its military capabilities. As Daily Mail just recently published an article about the “mass production of hypersonic cruise missiles ‘Zircon’ for the Navy of the Russian Federation’.

However, according to the Russian President’s spokesman quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Dmitry Peskov, “Russia does not pose a threat to anyone.”

“It [Russia] develops in its own way, goes about its own business and, if necessary, takes measures to ensure its security if provocative actions of our opponents occur near the borders,” Peskov stressed, specifying that he means NATO and NATO forces, which are aggressively acting near Russian borders.

Ru-Main, 01.12.2021 
Source: TASS 

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