Vladimir Putin Supported German Chancellor When Her Phone Rang [Video]

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today, on August 20. The meeting took place in a warm atmosphere and pleased the Russians who are following news with such a friendly tone. 

From the very beginning, the President of Russia presented Merkel with a cute flower bouquet, collected from flowers of different varieties and colours. Such a bouquet looked not at all like a standard expression of politeness, but as a warm sign of friendly welcoming. Merkel greeted the Russian side in their native language, taking the next step and showing her positive attitude towards the organized meeting.

Throughout the event, the leaders exchanged warm looks and smiles, and when suddenly the Chancellor’s phone rang, Putin wisely got out of the situation, showing his sense of humour in a polite tone, continuing his speech with the words, “we are constantly in telephone contact”.

“[…] related to the development of the economy. We are constantly in telephone contact. Also, we have many issues that require discussion in a personal format,” Putin noted and smiled.

In addition to the friendly atmosphere, the meeting is interesting for the discussion of relevant issues concerning the situation in the world, as well as bilateral relations between Russia and Germany. More about this can be found in the following article: “Russian President Meets German Departing Chancellor in Kremlin“.

Ru-Main, 20.08.2021, President of Russia Twitter Account  

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