Volga Limousine Amazed Residents of Tyumen

Tyumen lawyer, Yevgeniy Levchenko, is used to constant attention on the roads. His car travelled a long distance before reaching Tyumen and has been serving its owners already for seven years, e1.ru reports. 

Yevgeniy brought Volga car from the Gus-Khrustalny town. This is the usual Volga, just with 8 places, instead of the usual 5. The Volga altered to order in the city of Pavlovo, Nizhny Novgorod region in 2004. The previous owner rode the newlyweds on it.

According to the owner, it just seems that the car is big, in fact, the Volga is no bigger than any good Cadillac. The car was assembled in 1995. Its body was extended by 1.66 meters. The total length of the car is about 6.5 meters. Now it serves for family trips and mostly drives children.

Ru-Main, 01.03.2020, Pictures: Yekaterinburg Regional Website 

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