Voronezh Academy Cadets Developed Spy Stone [Video]

Cadets of the Air Force Academy from Voronezh have developed a hidden surveillance complex disguised as a cobblestone in three years. Inventors test their development in the academic garden, against the background of pine trees. 

A stone on tracks sneaks across the area. It can stay in standby mode for almost a day. When the signal from the motion sensor is triggered, the stone comes to life, the camera and microphone turn on. The shooting can last fifteen hours, provided that an operator is up to two kilometres away.

The scientific supervisor of the cadets brought the idea of a robotic surveillance system from Syria. There are no analogues of such a stone in the Armed Forces. Its development was carried out under the guidance of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Main Directorate of Combat Training of the Armed Forces.

“The main problem was that the creation of this design implies a compact arrangement of all modules on a tracked platform. The second feature of this complex is the integration of two languages for the operation of this complex. These are C# and Python,” explained the Academy cadet Nikandr Yemets.

Thanks to its disguise and ability to change position, the robot can be useful in positional warfare. When all the landmarks around are shot by snipers, and an enemy is watching literally every bump, it is possible to send not a human but a robot to monitor the situation.

Ru-Main, 29.11.2021
Source: Zvezda 

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