VTB Bank Creates Contactless ATMs

VTB will become the first bank in the Russian banking system to launch customer service on the website using video communications, and will also install completely contactless ATMs that will allow clients to withdraw and deposit cash via a smartphone without ever touching an ATM, the press service of the bank reports.  

Picture: VTB Guide Website

The VTB Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board, Anatoly Pechatnikov, said that the launch of a contactless ATM would be one of the first innovations as part of modifying a self-service zone in VTB’s office network. The identification of the new ATM format is contactless. A client scans the QR at an ATM and conducts the operation in the VTB Online mobile application; then he specifies a card for withdrawal, the amount of money he would like to receive and gets it.

As part of a pilot project, VTB is installing two devices in Moscow, which at the first stage will work to withdraw cash from digital cards. Further, the technology will also be replicated on 80 per cent of the entire ATM network of 12.5 thousand self-service devices. At the end of the year, the bank plans to introduce a service for depositing cash through a mobile application, and in the future two years, it is going to launch functions of withdrawing and depositing cash in ATM from one product to any other.

“By 2022, VTB intends to ensure 100 per cent availability of its products in digital channels, as well as to carry out up to 90 per cent of operations without paper. We are constantly improving the services offered to our clients and service formats. Today, a user can already withdraw or deposit cash without touching an ATM, which is especially important in the current epidemiological situation. Almost 4 million unique customers simultaneously use VTB Online and ATMs every month, so the potential for using the new technology is very high,” Pechatnikov said.

It is noted that the video service format on the bank’s website will become an alternative to office visits. New and existing clients of the bank will be able not only to get consultations 24/7 on complex products or discuss individual conditions but also remotely complete the operations and make orders of the bank’s services using the digital signature technology. It is specified that the video calling service is similar to a regular video call via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, and clients do not need to install any additional software on their devices.

Ru-Main, 30.04.2021

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