VTB Online Tripled Payments by QR Code Number

The number of payments using QR codes through the VTB Online application has tripled over the year. In February 2021, the number of transactions amounted to more than 220 thousand, while the volume of transactions increased by almost 80 times, the press service of the bank reports. 

The QR code payment service in the VTB Online application was launched in the autumn of 2019. Since then, every month, experts have recorded a constant increase in the number of payments using this method. In 2020, the rate of payments increased by more than 70 per cent compared to 2019. In addition, over the past year, the number of service providers available has doubled (almost 20 thousand at the moment).

The QR code payment service this year received a new scanning library, which made it possible to read complex QR codes on different phone models and made it possible to scan them even from crumpled receipts and low-quality images. In addition, users of the service can now pay for kindergartens and educational services simply by scanning the QR code on a receipt.

Ru-Main, 23.03.2021 

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