Warships Parade Gathered Petersburgers on Neva Embankments

The Navy Day in Russia is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of July not only by the servicemen of these troops but also by all those who stand guard over the sea borders of Russia and ensure the combat readiness of the Navy ships, as well as their family members and war veterans. This year the Neva embankment was packed with people wishing to personally watch the parade, fontanka reported.  

It is noted that the Russian Navy includes surface and submarine forces, naval aviation and coastal forces of the fleet (marines and coastal defense forces), as well as ships and vessels, special-purpose units, units and subunits of the rear.

It is specified that the fact that there would gather a lot of people, what is especially dangerous this year, was suspected in the city council, so the improvement committee disinfected the crowded places the day before, which was one of the conditions of the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection (Rospotrebnadzor), the experts of which signed an agreement for a naval parade.

However, the virus did not become an obstacle to hold the parade, so over 40 warships and submarines were showed at the Kronstadt roadstead and in the water area of ​​the Neva River. The Be-200 amphibious aircraft debuted in the air section. On Senate Square, the sailors were greeted by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. After the parade, the townspeople went for a walk along the festively decorated streets.

Ru-Main, 26.07.2020, Pictures: St. Petersburg Regional Website  

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