We Are Together: Russian Volunteers Help Families of Mobilized Men

In Russia, the mutual assistance campaign “We Are Together” has begun. With the support of the “People’s Front” All-Russian Public Movement, the hotline has begun to work. Volunteers accept applications for legal, psychological, humanitarian, and household aid to families of the mobilized around the clock. 

Picture: Russian Agency of Legal and Judicial Information

Thus, with the support of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, legal assistance is provided in the format of consultations on the hotline and in special chatbots. With the help of the Red Cross, the Ministry of Education and Science, and volunteer psychologists, psychological assistance is organized; business provides humanitarian assistance, and volunteers help mobilized and their families to solve everyday problems.

“We have been receiving calls and appeals from the mobilized and their families for the fourth day, we have already recorded more than 16 thousand appeals over these few days. The vast majority simply need explanations, consulting assistance — which categories fall under mobilization, which do not,” the Head of the Executive Committee of the All-Russian People’s Front, Mikhail Kuznetsov, said.

According to a volunteer from the Kirov region, every third family of the mobilized in the region has already turned to their headquarters for help.

According to the Head of Rosmolodezh (“Russian Youth”), Ksenia Razuvayeva, in addition to consulting assistance, military families often turn for household help. They ask to take their child to additional classes, congratulate him/her on his/her birthday, or if moving is planned, to transport heavy boxes etc.

Ru-Main, 29.09.2022
Source: Lenta 

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