We Won’t Allow to Undermine Russian Sovereignty, Ambassador to US Says

Russia’s Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, repelled statements that Russia is “solely responsible for unleashing the crisis in Ukraine” given by the US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland on January 11. The Ambassador stressed that such accusatory rhetoric of senior State Department officials does not lead to creating a constructive atmosphere in the negotiations.  

In the official comment of Ambassador Antonov published on the Russian Embassy to the US Facebook page, the diplomat says that today, more than ever it is required to be discreet and delicate in phraseology, as both sides should be in the mood for a substantive discussion of security guarantees that are “to be adopted as soon as possible in order to stabilize the situation in Europe.”

He emphasized that the accusatory rhetoric of senior State Department officials “does not lead to creating a constructive atmosphere in the negotiations,” which understands even a beginner expert, as this is “the basics of diplomatic work.”

“We need concrete actions by the American side, not disinformation or accusations of all the sins. It’s time to stop the policy of encouraging the fascist thugs marching in Kiev. History does not forgive mistakes,” the Ambassador stated.

Antonov once again pointed out that Russia aims at easing tension and creating a normal atmosphere for mutually beneficial cooperation.

“We have nowhere to retreat. NATO has crept up to the Russian borders. Tries to dominate not only on land but also at sea and on air. We will not allow the developments that would undermine the independence and sovereignty of the Russian Federation,” the diplomat warned.

Antonov said that Russia “categorically reject” provocative statements of American high-ranking officials aimed at torpedoing the negotiation process between Washington and Moscow.

“The United States, together with Russia, have a special responsibility for international peace and security. As it is encrypted in the UN Charter. It’s time to abandon the aggressive rhetoric of foreign expansion and think about how future generations will live together. You need to do very little for it – respect your neighbour, avoid threats and move your military potential away from the Russian borders,” the Ambassador concluded.

Ru-Main, 12.01.2022
Source: Russian Embassy to the US FB-Page  

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