Weimar Triangle Urged Russia to Start Substantial Dialogue on European Security

Germany, France, and Poland are calling upon Moscow to start a substantial dialogue on European security issues and to help defuse the situation in Ukraine. 

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Polish President Andrzej Duda gathered in Berlin on Tuesday for the summit of the Weimar Triangle, a tripartite group formed in 1991 as an instrument for bringing Poland closer to the EU and NATO.

As reported, the heads of states and governments of the Weimar Triangle (Germany, France, and Poland) underlined their commitment to joint efforts for the cause of strengthening European and Trans-Atlantic security architecture.

They were also united in the opinion that NATO should “constantly review its defence and deterrence strategy” and be ready to bring about necessary adjustments if the security situation deteriorates, including under the Enhanced Forward Presence initiative. Among other, the representatives of the three countries spoke in support of the Normandy format of Ukrainian reconciliation.

The three leaders “call upon Russia to contribute to de-escalation on the Ukrainian border and start a substantial dialogue about security on the European continent.” They also declared their “readiness to constructively participate in detailed and result-oriented negotiations on security issues of mutual concern.” The leaders stressed that “any new Russian military aggression against Ukraine would have serious consequences and a high price.”

This was however quite strange to say that Russia should “start” a dialogue, as it was Russia who has started the talks on security guarantees and urged other countries to maintain peace and safety in Europe. It was Russia who asked NATO not to broaden its geography and thus, not to increase a threat to other countries. And finally, it was Russia who urged European countries to mind that one country’s security should not be achieved at the expense of another one’s. And now the three countries of the Weimar Triangle claim Russia should start the dialogue on security in Europe.

Besides, Russian officials repeatedly stated that the alleged “Russian aggression”, possible “Russian invasion”, or “Russian military build-up” are no more than the products of the imagination of Russia’s enemies who try to convince the rest of the world that Russian side is the dark one. Though country’s President, Vladimir Putin, pointed out not once that Russian troops are located inside the country, behind its borders, thus they can be moved and transferred at the country’s government discretion, while NATO countries help Ukraine with all their might and escalate the conflict themselves, though without forgetting to blame it on Russia on the way.

Ru-Main, 09.02.2022
Source: TASS 

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