New Children’s Watch Designed With Russian Favourite Animated Characters

The ELARI company expands the range of children’s smartwatch-phones (KidPhone) and presents a new model inspired by the Russian legendary animated series “Well, Just You Wait!”. The launch of the new watch was timed to coincide with the release of the new animated series, the SoyuzMultfilm website reported. 

Picture: SoyuzMultfilm Official Website

The model of the watch is designed specifically for fans of the cartoon. The release of the new watch is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the legendary animation. It is stated that search engines receive about 3 million requests per month with the name of the cartoon, and episodes of the series have about 700 million views on YouTube. Children will appreciate the opportunity to add other ELARI watches as friends to call and exchange messages, as well as voice chat, which makes communication more convenient.

It is noted that the new KidPhone’s innovative features allow parents to be aware of what’s happening with their child. Thanks to GPS and GLONASS tracking, adults can track the location of a child. If the satellite signal is unavailable, the LBS module will determine the location of the surrounding cell towers. A powerful 450 mAh battery provides up to 3 days of standby time. A child can also activate the SOS function, thus immediately notifying parents about the emergency.

Ru-Main, 31.05.2020

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