West Found No Evidence of Russia’s Guilt in Nord Stream Explosions

The West has no evidence of Russia’s involvement in the sabotage of the Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines, The Washington Post (WP) reports citing its sources. 

“There is no evidence at this point that Russia was behind the sabotage,” an unnamed European official told the WP.

This assessment coincides with the position of 23 representatives of diplomatic and intelligence agencies of Western countries, with whom the article’s author spoke. Some representatives of European countries in an interview with WP noted that they do not consider Russia guilty of sabotage. Others, on the contrary, indicated that they consider Moscow the main suspect, but cannot unequivocally attribute responsibility for the attack to any one country.

Sources claim that American intelligence regularly listens to conversations between representatives of the Russian government and the military. At the same time, they found no signs of Russia’s involvement in the bombings.

As reminded, the large-scale destruction on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 became known at the end of September, after which it became clear that explosions were recorded in the area of leaks. One of the threads of the Nord Stream-2 remained intact, but its launch is unrealistic, according to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ru-Main, 21.12.2022
Source: Lenta 

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