What People Should Not Do During Christmas Time

Christmas time is almost two weeks with a special meaning and unique traditions. There are certain things that are strictly not recommended to be done during Christmas time. For example, sewing, divination, swearing and getting angry, especially at parents. 

The period from January 6 to 18 since ancient times is considered mysterious and magical. The spirits from another world come to Earth at Christmas time, and all living beings are given a chance to ask about their future and influence their present.

The main rule on Christmas time is not to be angry at God and not to joke with the devil. It is believed that all the words and thoughts spoken at this time will return to you threefold.

Christmas time is a time for doing good, helping the weak and needy. You should control your thoughts and actions more. It will also be good to go to church for at least one service.

Ru-Main, 09.01.2020

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