Wholesale Trade Grew by 30 Per Cent in Moscow

In Moscow, the volume of wholesale trade grew by 30 percent, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports with reference to the deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property Vladimir Efimov. 

“According to the results of the past week, there is a redistribution of consumer demand. The online segment of cultural and entertainment services continues to grow, there is positive dynamics in the volume of wholesale trade, which increased by 30.9 percent compared to the previous week,” said Efimov.

It is noted that this direction could become one of the growth points, taking into account the “demand and adaptability”, and for the first time since the introduction of the self-isolation regime, retail trade in food increased by 3.7 percent and left the negative zone. He noted that the average daily volume of wholesale trade this week was about 2.5 billion rubles. The turnover of the industry in the provision of leisure and sports services increased by 68 percent, with a daily increase of about 100 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 24.04.2020

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